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10 side effects of keratin treatments

Every lady loves having smooth, flawless hair. However, if you are hair-obsessed, and have no time for your hair, smoothing will be a gem!

You can try out this treatment just before your big event, and you will be all set to display your flawless hair!

But then, hold on. You may be looking all glammed up and dazzling, but you need to understand the cost at which it comes.

If you have tried it before, you need to reconsider if you want to do it again. For a first-timer, it is good that you fully acknowledge its side effects before making up your mind. Read on and thank me later!

Hair smoothing can also be referred to as Brazilian blowout or keratin smoothing. Specific bonds in your hair are carefully broken down and then glued back into a sleek pattern.

The hair stylist first washes your hair using a deep cleansing shampoo. A straightening solution is then applied and the hair blow-dried.

It is vigorously flat ironed under high temperatures to fully seal the strands in a waterproof coat that will last 4-6 months.

Even though keratin treatments always achieve the desired results, they come with the following side effects:

1. Hair Fall Out

Hair fall out may not be directly linked to your beauty, but it is high time we gave a thought beyond aesthetics. If anything, it could be a sign of bad health.

Hair fall out is a leading side effect of smoothing your hair. The harmful chemicals and excessive heat weaken your hair follicles causing them to detach at the roots.

Your hair starts to fall out a few months later as it has lost its natural strength.

2. Skin rashes, dizziness, and teary eyes

Sometimes one may feel nauseated and dizzy after smoothing their hair. The harsh chemicals can cause a burning sensation and some itching in the larynx. This treatment also affects both your hair and scalp.

The skin, being the most sensitive organ in the body, can easily get damaged. Great care should be taken so that the chemical does not get into contact with any other part of your body.

Accidental contact with the skin could result in blisters and rashes on the neck, face or scalp. Formaldehyde, a component of hair smoothing chemicals can also lead to a corse, itchy epidermal layer.

That’s quite a bit of baggage right there!

3. Damaged texture

Growing up, we all loved our hair regardless of its texture. However, increased curiosity made us yield into making our hair ‘parlor-ready’ all the time…
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