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7 gorgeous inspiration for your own wedding gown

When a bride thinks of her wedding day, she thinks of many things. Many women immediately think of the wedding dress.

They may have a vision they’ve been thinking about since they got engaged. Or, they might have something less specific.

All brides want to look wonderful when they walk down the aisle in front of their nearest and dearest friends and relatives. A dress can do exactly that.

It helps to think about certain issues such as the bride’s personal style, her best features and the overall plan for the wedding.

A bride should think about where she’s holding the wedding, the time of day or night and what kind of fabrics and lengths suit her best.

All of these factors will help her find a dress that looks good on her and reminds her of her very special day for years to come. These gorgeous ideas can make any bride feel truly happy when she gets married.

Flapper Inspiration

Flapper style began as a rebellion against the conventions of the day. Flappers shucked off old fashioned long skirts, bobbed their hair and embraced a new look for women everywhere.

Today’s bride can look to her counterparts when it comes to creating the dress of her own. Flapper dresses are a good look for an afternoon wedding.

The dress is a great possibility for the woman who has a long and lean figure that she wants to show off. Details such as beading and silver thread can add embroidery that catches the light and make it even more beautiful.

Hint of Color

The traditional white dress is one that many brides love. White immediately makes the bride the center of attention on her day.

Many brides are exploring the possibilities of adding a bit of color here and there. A variant of snow white such as ivory is just as pretty and full of style.

Ivory and other deeper shades of white also catch the light well and set off a bride’s complexion to perfection. There are other ways to bring in a touch of color.

For example, a small bow at the back in a shade of blue to match the bride’s eyes is lovely and unexpected at the same time. Iridescent bring in hints of other colors across the rainbow for a look that’s fun and playful.

Modern Elegance

Modern designers have transformed the very idea of a wedding dress. They’ve discarded the frills in favor of something more basic.

Contemporary brides can find dresses that are about showing off their toned arms and the hours they’ve spent exercising in the…
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