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8 ways to treat constipation naturally

Constipation is a very common condition that is thought to affect over 60 percent of people at least once in a year. The main characteristic is more than three bowel movements per week. However, it can be characterized by several other symptoms that can in one way or the other affect your daily life. For this reason, you should be vased with some of the natural methods of relieving constipation.

In this article, I am going to share with you 8 best natural ways of dealing with constipation without harming the body.

Following are the 8 best ways to treat constipation naturally:

1. Drink enough water

Lack of enough water in your body can sometimes lead to constipation. To ensure that you are not dehydrated, you should take up to 8 glasses of water in a day. You should drink sparkling water which will help you hydrate and get things moving like before. There are several studies that have been carried to determine the effects of water on constipation. Majority of them established that water can really help re-hydrate the body and eventually relief constipation. They also put forward that sparkling water is better than tap water in relieving constipation.

2. Exercise

This is another surprising fact. Exercise can really help you relieve constipation. However, different studies on the effects of excercises on constipation have shown mixed results. But a recent randomized controlled study found out that regular exercising can greatly reduce the symptoms. However, this leaves more room for investigations and other studies. If your job has less movement or you are less mobile then it is normal then you get constipated. In this case, just doing the exercise help you in getting rid of the situation.

3. Drink caffeinated coffee

One thing that scientists know for sure is that for some people drinking caffeinated coffee can increase the urge to go to the bathroom. Caffeine in coffee stimulates the muscles on your digestive system. A recent study shows that caffeine can stimulate your digestive system the same way that meals do. The effects of caffeine is 60 percent more than drinking water and also more than 23 percent stringer tan drinking decaffeinated coffee. The other thing is that coffee may contain some small amounts of fiber that can help you relieve constipation…

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