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Essential things you should know about coffee

Coffee is among the most popular drinks in the world. A large number of people in developing countries earn their living from producing coffee.

While over 90% production of coffee takes place in developing countries, it is mainly consumed in industrialized economies such as the United States, among others.

Billions of people around the world welcome their mornings and evenings with a cup of coffee every day. Furthermore, dozens of cafes have mushroomed to offer a wide variety of coffee varietals to the ever-growing market.

Interesting facts about coffee

Brazil is the leading grower of coffee throughout the world. It produces almost a third of all the coffee consumed in the world. It is then followed by Colombia and Vietnam, respectively.

There are two main types of coffee, that is, Robusta and Arabica. The Arabica species is the most popular, accounting for 70% of all the coffee produced and consumed throughout the world. Robusta, on the other hand, grows mainly in Africa. It contains more caffeine and tastes slightly bitter.

Another interesting fact about coffee is that it is actually a fruit. Do you see those coffee beans? They are not beans at all. They are pits of fruit. The coffee cherries used to produce coffee are only referred to as beans just because they look like other beans.

The only state in the U.S. that can grow coffee is Hawaii since it has the perfect climate to grow Java beans. Coffee only does well in equatorial climates.

A goat herder in Ethiopia is believed to be the first person to discover coffee. According to him, his goats ate coffee cherries, and after that, there was a change in their behavior. They became more active and did not sleep that night. The goat harder shared his observations with a local monk who decided to make a drink with coffee beans. After consuming that drink, they realized they were able to stay awake all night.

In the early days, coffee was not drunk but rather eaten. The consumption of coffee dates to 800 A.D. with first consumers coming from Africa. Instead of making a drink from the coffee beans, they chose to ground the beans using fat. They then made a caffeine-rich energy meal.

Interestingly, the lack of coffee in Turkey was ground for divorce. People in Turkey drink a lot of coffee. Hence, if a husband was not able to provide coffee to his wife, then she had a right to file for divorce.

According to a study conducted in 2009, coffee drinkers are less likely to develop Alzheimer’s disease. The study found out that people who…
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