Asian woman with acupuncture needles in her face

Acupuncture used as natural face lift

Acupuncture is widely known as a form of traditional Chinese medicine that can help the body to relax and has been proven to heal certain conditions. However, it may have never crossed anyone’s mind that it can also rejuvenate the skin and can be a natural alternative to Botox.

Acupuncture primarily focuses on treating the cause or root of an illness or symptom and allows balance in the body, mind and the spirit. It helps eliminate toxins from the body and reduces stress and back pain.

The process of acupuncture heals the skin’s fiber naturally, which is why every time a needle is punctured into your skin, your body thinks your facial skin is being attacked. This results in the white blood cells gathering in your face and restores the old fibers and helps improve your skin’s elasticity. Acupuncture on the face also supports vitality by helping improve the energetic systems.

Wrinkles on your face are caused by a decrease or lack of collagen production. The skin becomes loose and stiff when the collagen and elastic fibers in your face are unable to regenerate. Facial acupuncture not only removes wrinkles, it also reduces fine lines, dark circles, creases, and acne scars.

Aside from improving your face, acupuncture does more by improving your overall health. It reduces stress, improves blood circulation and boosts your energy. Acupuncture helps clear blocked pathways in the body where Qi or energy flows through. Each pathway or acupoint corresponds to an organ or groups of organs. That is why people get an illness; it is caused by a blocked pathway.

Acupuncture has been found to be a better and preferable alternative to Botox because it is more natural and provides a more permanent solution. Botox changes the shape of the face and looks artificial, while acupuncture doesn’t change or alter the shape of your eyes and mouth. Surprisingly, facial acupuncture is not painful as what others may think. Yes, it would look excruciating from afar but it actually feels more like a soft pinch. There’s a little bit of pain at first but then it becomes more relaxing.

The only downside to this natural procedure is that you don’t see immediate results compared to Botox that will instantly give you that reconstruction. Acupuncture takes longer to show the results than anti-aging surgeries. It is because no chemicals are being used in the process, but it focuses instead on the skin’s ability to naturally heal itself. It may take six months or so for the process to show the good results.

Facial acupuncture sessions usually take about two and a half hours. It involves a mix of modern and traditional treatments. It usually starts with acupuncture, then non-invasive active cell therapy, and a massage.

During cell therapy, high-frequency currents are released on your face to induce natural production of collagen, which firms and lifts your skin. The whole body massage then helps with circulation and relaxes the body after facial acupuncture. There is a tendency for the whole body to become tense after the facial acupuncture treatment.

If you want to try this natural process instead of getting Botox, you can visit a trusted acupuncture clinic to get acupuncture treatments. It is advisable to visit at least four times in a year to get good results. Treatment also varies on the intensity of your wrinkles and your age.

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