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Are Invisalign braces really worth the price?

Want to try out Invisalign braces?

There are several teeth alignment options out there, but as you well know, many patients are now turning to the new Invisalign technology as it offers unique benefits including a faster treatment process.

Unlike the metal brackets, Invisalign braces are virtually invisible, metal-free, and custom-made to work well with your teeth.

For most people, however, the price point remains a significant concern, hence the indecisiveness as to whether to settle for the traditional braces or opt for the Invisalign aligners.

So, are the Invisalign braces really worth the price? This might be the question that weighs you down.

The answer is yes.

Of course, Invisalign tends to cost a little higher than the regular braces (with the average cost ranging between $ 3,500 and $8,000), but it’s worth the price. Here is why.

However, before we get to the benefits, note that a number of factors play the great role of price determination.

Factors Determining the Cost of Invisalign

  • The duration of treatment.
  • Your dental insurance coverage. This greatly depends on whether your insurance company offers a limited or comprehensive cover. Some offer up to $3,500, so you won’t have to spend much out of your pocket.
  • Your Invisalign provider’s expertise. It’s clear that expertise, location, and reputation play a vital role here since every patient would love to engage a trustworthy person.
  • The extent of your treatment. That is, how complex is your case. Minor teeth movement with Invisalign treatment usually cost a slightly less amount compared to a full case where the majority of your teeth are involved.
  • The type of teeth to be corrected.

Consider discussing the available payment plans with your dentist since most offer flexible options and financing plans to ensure affordability of the Invisalign braces.

But, first, consult with your insurance provider to ascertain whether the cover extends to your Invisalign treatment.

It’s without a doubt that Invisalign has dramatically risen in popularity owing to the benefits it exhibits over the traditional metal braces.

The price may be slightly different but most patients now find the price difference worth it.

Why? With Invisalign, you’re able to maintain good oral hygiene, smile without anyone noticing the braces, eat every kind of food, and most importantly, remove them by yourself.

Of course, the benefits may be overwhelming, but is the treatment option…
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