be the change you want to see

Be the change you want to see in the world

Change is constant and at times it may not be welcome or easy to deal with. So many things such as our feelings, beliefs, ideas, thoughts and even our relationships are changeable by nature. This is the reason life never stands still even when we would want it to if the situation we are in is awesome.

Have you ever dreamt of the world you would want to live in? It must have been a paradise. Have you done anything to live up on your dreams? These are great and very helpful questions to apply in your day to day life. It’s everyone’s dream to be successful, however, for you to enjoy the achievements you need an awesome world to celebrate in. This may sound amazing but this requires your sacrifice to make the world a better place to live in.

Ever wished the world would have more people who are loving and kind? You don’t have to feel as if that is not possible. What is the meaning of this? All you need to do is, to begin with yourself and be the change you want to see in the world, be the change the world yearns for. If you are among those people who know exactly what needs to be done for the world to be a better place but sit back and do nothing because you feel as if everything is not possible, then wake up and do the needful and you will be impressed by the results.

Everything you dream about your world is actually very much possible. Honesty is one trait that makes people live in a friendly environment, there are situations you feel as if you are the only honest person or honest is costing you a lot. That is not the case; you must be the beginner of change and without getting tired.

Do you fantasize about an environment free from pollution? Begin by ensuring you keep your environment at its best. All changes you would love to see in the world begin with the act towards that change you wish to see and experience.

The biggest challenge would be sitting back and doing nothing, waiting for someone else to do the changes or simply giving up along the way because you feel that your sacrifice and contribution is not enough. It would be amazing to go out of your norm just to help someone who is in need. It may not be much but a simple act of kindness would speak volumes.

The little things you do may not be appreciated by all people but apart from them making the difference, they will also give you self-satisfaction and peace of mind. This is something that is worth celebrating and giving you a good reason to wake up every day with lots of energy. Many people go wrong by thinking that making the world a better place to live in is someone else’s responsibility. Well, this is totally wrong.

You might feel that because you are just one being that you can’t do anything, but this is not the case, you are significantly enough being to create a revolution that can move mountains. If you feel that you are a tiny piece in a gigantic puzzle, what makes another being feel big enough and up to the task? If everyone sat back because they felt it wasn’t their responsibility how then would the world be right now?

Furthermore, if you are not taking any positive action towards a better world, do not expect anyone else to take up that responsibility. It has to be you and you alone.

It’s amazing to see leaders who embraced change and were willing to go that extra mile and even sacrifice their happiness in the course of their duty. A good example would be Theodore Roosevelt for campaigning against the Spanish in Cuba and when the war was declared, he took the forefront position. That is the courage and sacrifice the world needs today to get those marvelous changes. Another one is Nelson Mandela who spent 27 years in jail for fearlessly fighting against apartheid in South Africa.

These were beings who become the change they wanted to see in their world. They started what they may have felt was small but their efforts immediately overtook them. This could be you as well if you decide to stand up for the change you would love to see in your present world. You have to do something because if you sit back and do nothing it is very unfortunate that you could be actually working against the world you desire to live in. You can be the beginner of peace the world is waiting for.

As you dream big, the best way to achieve it is to start small because the end of an activity is the beginning of a new chapter altogether. When the caterpillar believes at the end of the world, it is actually the beginning of a more beautiful life as a butterfly. That can also happen in your life if you leave issues such as anger, grief or even fear behind you.

The change gives you hope because even the darkest moments you feel as if they will be there for the rest of your life, do not last forever. Mahatma Gandhi is famously remembered for his words on change. He categorically stated in a well known quote that you must be the change you want to see in the world. These words are a good inspiration for every human being. They clearly encourage every being to embrace change because it is inevitable.

Change is both positive and negative. However positive change is the best thing that can happen to this world. Change is constant and inevitable. Everything happening now will change to something else. This is because there is nothing that lasts forever and the best would be appreciating the good situations you are having currently and to take the necessary precaution for any bad situation that may come. This is because both of these situations are unavoidable and it all depends on how you handle the bad one.

Each and every day gives you an opportunity to transform our fears and selfishness into courage and kindness for a great beginning. If a palm tree has the ability to transform the muddy water into a sweet coconut milk you enjoy having, even you can transform any bad situation you are going through to a sweet memorable moment.

You have the capabilities to create a new life if only you open your mind and heart to great and amazing possibilities. It is not possible to go back and make any changes but is possible to start afresh and make the changes the world is waiting for.

You have to be peaceful to make positive changes. Meditation is the best way to clear up your mind because all of your fears, pains, anger, confusion, doubts, sadness and any other conflicting emotions are cleared in a very gentle manner.

When your mind is at peace, you will be able to impact the world positively and you will be comfortable in return. If you desire to have the changes in your world, do not stand by and do nothing. Waiting for someone else to do it for you will leave you with anger because nothing will be done and if anything is done, it will not be up to your satisfaction.

Bottom Line

Human beings are not perfect but that is not enough reason for you to give up on your dreams. Unless you take up the responsibility, no one else will.

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