dogs can eat lettuce

Can dogs eat lettuce?

Are you a dog owner and your pet always want to share your lettuce with you? Well, don’t deny your dog the joy since a dog can actually feed on lettuce without any complications because lettuce is completely safe for them. Whether it’s iceberg or romaine, dogs can eat lettuce without posing any risk of toxicity to your dog in any way.

However, as much as your dog likes lettuce, you wouldn’t want to feed it to your dog often since lettuce is not the easiest vegetable your dog is able to chew properly. If you really want to feed your dog with lettuce, then the best way to do it is to thoroughly and carefully clean them to remove any chemicals and bacteria found in lettuce.

Just before you choose the part to give to your dog, you can try by giving a little from the crunchy side and the leafy part so that you can tell what your pet loves the most. This is because dogs, just like humans, like more one part than the other and no dog is the same as another. If you saw a neighbor’s dog enjoying a certain part of the lettuce, it is not a guarantee that your dog will enjoy the same. You have to try out with your dog to know what your buddy likes most.

It is important to note that giving your dog leftover salad which contains lettuce is not the same as feeding your dog with pure lettuce. This is because the dressing in the salad may not be safe and can cause lots of complications and health issues when fed to a dog. Actually, most dressings contain lots of extra calories and these are bad to your dog and more so, they are not beneficial in any way to your dog and in fact, they make your dog be more prone to obesity.

Definitely, as a dog owner, you wouldn’t want that to happen to your dog. To avoid this, just feed your dog in the plainest form of lettuce and if you are to incorporate it in a salad, ensure that all the ingredients in that salad are safe for your dog to feed on.

Another best way to feed your dog with lettuce is to cut them into small pieces to enable your dog to consume and digest them properly. Remember when you feed your dog with vegetables like carrots, broccoli or potatoes, you have to cut them into small pieces to give your dog an easy time while consuming and avoid the risks of health dangers which may include chocking and intestinal blockage. Always cut your lettuce in small pieces before giving it to your dog…
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