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The Cartier love ring – the symbol of love

The Cartier love ring is a great piece to symbolize love. This has made a lot of popularity over time at a very rapid pace. This has drawn the attention of several celebrities and a good example is Kylie Jenner who is their biggest fan. She recently acquired herself a Cartier love ring and she got it from Tyga. The Cartier love ring is littered with diamonds and it goes for over $6,000 USD.

The Cartier love collection has become a darling to many. To be precise, they are loved and adored by all. The Cartier love ring in ceramic, diamond and gold was released in Singapore and it has already acquired a great number of fans. The ring is comprised of 3 individual pieces and they can be worn together or differently. One band comes in gold of your choice and that is pink or white. The other band is in ceramic of either in black or brown ceramic. The last band is in the gold set of sparkling diamonds. The special feature of this ring is that it comes with very own solid gold screwdriver to use while putting it on or taking it out.

If you are wondering how to differentiate between the Cartier love ring and a wedding band is very simple. The most significant difference is that the wedding ring is a little bit thinner compared to the Cartier love ring.

Want to know the importance of a love ring? You are in the perfect place for that and much more. This is a very significant piece of jewelry and it’s a darling to many women around the world. This unique choice is a perfect representation of affection. In fact, the history of this type of band started over 3000 years ago.

The Cartier love ring is uniquely dressed and it is usually used in left part. Furthermore, if it is used in the right part, then it is not used in the right part, then it will not work as it is meant to. Different individuals may provide different symbolism to this band but the Cartier love ring id basically manufactured to represent love. The Cartier love band comes in white silver, platinum, plain silver and increased silver. The most popular among them is the rose gold, also white gold is a popular choice. Rose silver is seen as the perfect representation of love and respect of one and the significant other.

The diamond is perfectly mixed in this band although it can also be designed with or without the precious stone. Remember that Cartier love band is a representation of love and so when you wear it, you better be committed to your sweetheart.

Perfect sizing of a Cartier love ring

Do you value your love? If your answer is a yes and you are the type that can go far, then get your loved one a Cartier love ring. Worried that you can’t tell the best size? Relax. All you need to do is get a Cartier ring size chart on a full-size page. To ensure the ring size chart is printed in the right way use a ruler and measure it, it should measure exactly 2cm. from there, get a ring that perfectly fits your finger and makes sure you use the finger that the Cartier love ring will be worn. Place it over the nearest sized circle of the ring size chart and if your ring is between the two sizes and you are using the Cartier recommendation, then choose the larger size.

Want to find out if your Cartier love ring is original?

This is one thing you should consider before buying a Cartier love bracelet. Remember these rings are pricey and there is no point in buying a fake Cartier love ring sold at the price of an original one. The popularity of Cartier love ring has attracted the attention of many and there is no doubt that some other people may come up with something different with the same name and probably the design.

However, there are things you can check just to find out if yours is original or just a Cartier love ring replica and if you don’t have one, you will have an opportunity to get an original love ring from Cartier. The tips below will be of great help to you.

1. Do your research

First of all, it is advisable to do your homework in the best way possible. A good research will protect you from buying a fake Cartier love ring in the first place. You can begin by checking some little history about the collection on the Cartier website. For instance, you can tell when the first piece was released on the market and that means anything before then is actually fake. Alternatively, you can check the official Cartier pictures so that you are able to tell what a real love ring normally looks like. Try and have a basic understanding of the design traits of the ring. For example, you will be able to find out the different width and styles available.

2. Examine the material keenly

It is obvious that Cartier is one of the prestigious jewelry houses in the world and it cannot use fake materials. Actually, it is obvious they only use the top-notch materials in all their products and that is why they are quite expensive. So, if you come across a particular Cartier love ring that is not made in the renounced top-notch materials, then probably that is not what you are looking for.

3. Observe the finishing

How is the finishing of that particular Cartier love bracelet you are about to buy? Keenly scrutinize the ring’s finishing to ensure the product at hand is not counterfeit. Remember that Cartier is a very proud company in making extraordinary luxury goods and this is an assurance that every piece of the ring they produce comes in perfect shape. This means that the ring should perfectly and securely fit the wearer. The screws should also be straight and align perfectly well with the ring while screwing them. If by any chance this is not the case, then you better leave it. A Cartier love ring is a piece of jewelry that is perfected to bring joy immediately and not some sort of doubts.

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