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Is cold water good for your health?

To beat the summer heat and keep your body hydrated, you must ensure you have cold water anytime at your disposal. Carrying an insulated water bottle to keep the water cold longer is something anyone would do.

If water for drinking is not cold enough, you throw in a few ice cubes, and you feel relaxed after a few gulps.

The National Academics and Sciences, Engineering and Medicine suggest that men who are 19 years and older should take at least 2.5 litres of water a day, while the women of the same age should take 2.2 litres a day.

Even with proven benefits of hydration, the overarching question remains: Is cold water healthy?

There are people who believe that cold water is disastrous to the human body, and should be avoided because it can lead to a myriad of diseases.

They have a strong belief that when this water goes to the stomach, it makes the stomach to contract, making digestion a near impossibility.

But is there any truth in the statement? Well, read on to understand the actual benefits of cold water.


Drinking cold water tags along an array of benefits including:

Strengthens the immune system

If you live in cold areas, or your location experiences the unforgiving months of winter, taking cold water correctly can boost the strength of your body defenses; thus making you tolerant to cold weather, changes in temperature, and wind.

Surprisingly, cold water does this through the same process as weight lifting. It exerts immune stress to your immune system; thus giving it a mini workout that makes it stronger every day.

Therefore, if your desire is to suffer less weather-related diseases, then drinking cold water is all you need!

Weight loss

Drinking cold water can lead to weight loss.

Today, most people have understood the dangers that may arise from weight gain; thus they are looking for all manner of ways to cut several pounds when they can.

Some of them are even resulting in ridiculous methods, such as using pills that promise overnight results. What they don’t know is that sometimes, all they need to do is take cold water to complement their diets and workout.

The body’s metabolism functions like a furnace which burns fuel to keep the body warm. The body on the other hand is constantly aiming to maintain a static temperature of 37 degrees Celsius.

Therefore, the colder the internal conditions, the more calories you will burn to keep warm. Drinking cold water will do this trick!

Shiny hair

Your hair is one of the first things that people see. Therefore, if you don’t shave it clean, you need to keep it healthy so that others can develop a positive perception about you.

The good news is, you don’t have to result in all manner of chemicals to keep it looking great all the time. All you need is to take the recommended amount of cold water, and you will thank…
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