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Deal with computer eye strain with these 10 tricks

Ever wonder why your eyes strain each time you stare at your computer’s screen for too long? So many people interact with computers at work. By that, computer eye strain has really become a significant job-related complaint.

Today, the working class have to deal with eye strain and other visual symptoms that can become quite bothersome.

Studies even reveal that about 50 % to 90% of workers who interact with computers on a daily basis suffer various visual symptoms where computer eye strain is one of them.

Visual symptoms can range in physical fatigue, increased work error numbers, decreased productivity, to other minor annoyances like red eyes and eye twitching.

If you don’t learn and apply the best eye protection measures from the computers that you have to use all day every day, then your eyesight will keep deteriorating.

In worse cases, you may even go blind if you are not too careful. That said, here are ten simple steps that you can take to deal with computer eye strain and save your eyesight.

1. Use proper lighting

What most people that use computers tend to neglect when using these machines is their lighting. Too much bright light is often the root cause of computer eye strain.

At times, even having proper Blue Light Glasses may not help much against too bright light from computers. It doesn’t really matter whether it is too much natural light or light from other sources.

As long as the light is harsh enough to compromise the integrity of your vision, it isn’t good for you. Whenever you are using a computer, it is essential that the ambient light is about half as bright to protect your eyes.

2. Get a comprehensive eye exam

The best way of preventing too much computer eye strain damage is by getting regular comprehensive eye exams. This will help you prevent, detect, and even treat computer-related vision problems before they get much worse.

Therefore, if you have never had an eye exam before or in over a year, then it is best that you schedule for one as soon as you can.

Having an eye exam at least once a year if you spend too much of your work time in front of the computer is an especially smart move. One that can save you a lot of eye problems in the future.

3. Upgrade your display

Thanks to the continuous technological advancements, today, computers come with LCD screens which are much easier on the eyes…
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