electrolysis hair removal

Electrolysis hair removal

This is the process of permanently removing your hair. Electrolysis is the only approved method of permanently getting rid of the unwanted hair. It can remove the hair from any part of the body including the face, eyebrows, abdomen, thighs, breasts and legs. The modern medical electrolysis devices have the capabilities to destroy the growth center of the hair using chemical or heat energy. A very fine probe is inserted into the hair follicle and with the use of the needle, the hair is removed.

Generally, the process doesn’t have any side effects apart from temporal slight reddening of the skin which will go away anyway. The good news is that this procedure works for any skin type. It also works with all types’ hair including blond, red and grey.

If you compare electrolysis with other hair removal methods, you will realize that when electrolysis is performed by a professional, it permanently eliminates unwanted hair with unsurpassed results. It is also possible to perform it on a variety of skin and hair types. Other types of temporal hair removal may seem cheaper and quite convenient but these advantages will fade sooner than you realize it.

This is because these methods will require the long-term use and lifetime maintenance which will definitely be more expensive in the long run. If you desire a permanent smooth, sleek and healthy-looking skin on any part of your body, the best option you have is electrolysis. For your information, electrolysis is universally accepted with lots of successful testimonies. The answer as to whether you should go for temporally or permanent hair removal method will entirely depend on the goals of an individual.

Pregnant women may be wondering if they can perform the procedure in their current status. Remember unwanted hair can be caused by hormonal changes brought about by pregnancy. If you are expecting your bundle of joy and you need to permanently remove the unwanted hair, you can go ahead and perform the procedure. This is because electrolysis can be performed on any normal skin including that of an expectant mother.

However, it is good to seek the advice of your physician before you commence with the electrolysis treatment. If you are wondering if electrolysis can be performed on moles, it would interest you to know it can actually be performed on most moles so long as licensing regulations allow it. There are Electrologists who may not agree to until you produce a written approval from your physician.

The causes of unwanted hair growth

Hereditary and hormone levels are the main causes of hair growth. Other causes of hair growth include the use of some drugs, temporary methods of hair removal and some form of illnesses that stimulate the growth of hair. When the hair grows on undesired areas of the body such as a woman’s upper lip, chin or bikini line, the best way to get rid of them is through electrolysis.

The number of electrolysis treatments you will need

There are so many factors that influence the growth of hair and due to this, you may have to return for several electrolysis visits. It is not obvious on the number of sessions needed to remove the hair because that automatically varies from one person to another.

The number of times you will be needed for treatments entirely depends on the size of the hair growth and its cause. This method works by weakening the hair and destroying it eventually. For you to achieve the desired results, then you must follow up on the treatment.

For most clients, once a week or every other week as required is just okay. One thing you should be sure is that the unwanted hair will be permanently gone once you have successfully completed the series of treatment as required. Normally, each treatment should last for about 15 minutes to an hour. There are so many things that are taken into consideration and that is why there is a short session of about 15 minutes and there are others as long as one hour. All this is discussed with you on your initial consultation. Remember permanent removal of hair is a progressive treatment and gradual process as the hair growth conditions to become less.

Electrolysis vs laser hair removal

These two methods are done on parts of the body with unwanted hair though on different capabilities. When it comes to electrolysis, the treatment is administered on each hair individually by use of a very fine disposable, sterile probe and the follicle’s ability to reproduce is permanently destroyed. Laser, on the other hand, tends to treat large areas of the skin although it won’t remove the hair permanently.

Actually, this method is referred to as permanent hair reduction but not permanent hair removal. The laser cannot be used on blonde, grey or red hair. However, these two forms of treatments can work well in conjunction with each other under some circumstances. This is because there are some treatment methods that are tailor-made to suit each individual needs.

Safety of electrolysis

Electrolysis hair removal is safe and it is the only medically approved way of permanently removing unwanted hair on any part of the body. After every treatment, each probe is individually wrapped and disposed of. The procedure is strictly done on very strict hygienic protocols.

It is quite harsh to say that electrolysis hurts because you will only experience a slight discomfort, warming sensation or heat. Actually, the sensation will depend on the area being treated, the hair type, the skin type, and the individual perseverance level. For you to understand the procedure in a better way, a test patch may be carried out.

Myths related to electrolysis

The electric tweezer method is permanent

This is not true because electrolysis is the only method recognized by the FDA and the American medical association to permanently remove unwanted hair on the different parts of the body. In fact, there are states that prohibit the claims of saying that electric tweezer provides permanent hair removal.

Temporal hair removal is better

There are so many temporally methods of removing hair. One of them is waxing. Its normally done in salons, where hot wax is applied to the skin and once it has dried, then it is stripped off together with the hair. This method can be painful and costly as well. Even though home waxing kits are available, the procedure can be messy and difficult at times. The other temporally method of hair removal is the use of chemical depilatories. These products are not only irritating to the skin but they can also be messy. They can even discolor your skin because they contain harsh chemicals. Although there are electrolysis devices available for home use, if they are not handled by trained electrologist, they can often be unsafe for use. So our recommendation is against electrolysis hair removal at home.

How to choose an Electrologist

These are people with special training in regards to performing electrolysis hair removal. Before you commit yourself to electrolysis, it is good to do your research. That’s because if you make a wrong choice, you will end up with extra sessions which automatically results in extra cost. You can also be subjected to unnecessary discomfort and scarring. These tips will help you choose the right electrologist.

a) Find the qualifications of the professional

For many states, a qualified electrologist should be licensed to be allowed to practice. Make sure you confirm that the practitioner’s certificate is on display and current. If your state doesn’t regulate electrolysis, it is better to look for a certified electrologist from an accredited electrology school.

b) Get a consultation

Since many places offer a free consultation, why don’t you take advantage of that and ensure all your questions are properly answered? Some of the things you would want to know include but not limited to how it feels, the number of visits you are supposed to attend, how much does electrolysis cost, the duration of each session, the number of years the practitioner has been into business and the number of clients he/she has handled.

c) Ask for referrals

Your friends, colleagues, family members and people you know are the best to give you legit referrals. Your doctor can also recommend a good electrologist. You can also ask anyone who has already undergone through the procedure for advice and recommendations.

d) Ensure your electrologist uses the required techniques

You should be familiar with the equipment used. Needle electrolysis is the only recognized form of permanent hair removal. You may come across places where they are advertising electrolysis but in return, they are using electronic tweezers or photo epilators. These are not permanent hair removal techniques at all.

e) Use general knowledge

Just use your common sense and look around that place. Ensure the pace and workers look appealing to you. You can even ask to meet the people who will be performing the procedure and if you doubt their professionalism, then you better continue with your search until you meet someone worth your trust. Remember your comfort is quite essential and you will be relaxed knowing you have made the right choice.

Are there chances of re-growth after electrolysis?

Could you be asking yourself this question? Well, to it, you should know that hair has differing growth cycles and many of these cycles are not visible on the surface of the skin at the same time. the follicle is responsible for the production of hair from the supply of blood. The hair is discarded eventually through shedding. Growth cycle is the process of growth, rest and replacement. Individual hair growth in different phases and that is why multiple treatments may be essential for permanent removal of unwanted hair.

Hirsutism is the excessive hair growth and it can range from fine, vellus hair to dark, coarse hair on the face and body. For permanent breaking down of the hair growth cells on deep course hairs will require more than one treatment.

Electrolysis on breasts and other sensitive areas

It is very possible to perform electrolysis safely and permanently remove unwanted hair from the breasts and other sensitive areas. There are many women who have had electrolysis treatment on their breasts including women of all ages. Although most women find it extremely difficult to talk about it, the truth is it can be done and it has already been done to several women.

There are hairs that grow from the areola and electrolysis can remove the hair around the nipples permanently and safely. Wondering if it hurts? The fact is that it doesn’t. Although breasts are sensitive to touch, they are not sensitive to the electrolysis treatment sensation.

Those women who really want to permanently remove hairs from their breasts accept the treatment quite well and the good news is that they are not disappointed with the outcome. For those women who tweeze their hair for a long time, it may be difficult to know the number of sessions they will require to permanently remove the hair.

This is because for the hair to be permanently removed, it must grow out and tweezing causes hair to become coarser over time and in return it hides the true amount of your hair. Another challenge is ingrown hairs on the breasts. This is sometimes caused by repeated tweezing, shaving and wearing tight clothes over that area. In-grown hair can successfully be removed and alleviate any irritation you may have experienced in the past.

Electrolysis for men

Good grooming is quite essential whether its business or social affairs. If putting up with a time-consuming hair maintenance is not your routine, why don’t you opt for a permanent solution through electrolysis? Some common areas that require the treatment of electrolysis include beard sculpting, neckline hair, ear hair, back hair and shoulder hair among other areas. Most men have naturally too much body hair for their own liking or that of their spouses. If you are one of them, now you have a permanent solution.

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