essential oil for constipation

Essential oils for constipation

The human body is a complex entity that goes through a series of processes for it to continue its growth and carry out the life processes. Digestion is one of the most significant processes occurring in the human body that ensures the well-being, the growth and basically the survival of an individual.

But the digestion may become improper due to many reasons. The improper digestion will not only have adverse effects on the individual’s health but will also hinder their proper growth and well-being. One of the outcomes of improper digestion is constipation.

Constipation may also be caused by other factors such as less intake of water. Whatever the case may be, constipation is very disturbing which will cause physical pain and the deterioration of health simultaneously.

The acute (short-lived constipation) is not very alarming as it may have occurred due to some improper eating habits etc. But if constipation becomes chronic (long-lived constipation), the situation may get out of hand. Hence, it should be taken care of as soon as possible.

The medications should always be avoided when there is the slightest chance that the issue could be resolved without them. The essential oils are a natural and beneficial way of curing constipation in adults.

The best thing about these oils is that they don’t have any prominent side effects and can be taken without the fear of any adverse effects.

Essential oils can be regarded as the highly concentrated extracts that are derived from the plants. Essential oil is a hydrophobic liquid having volatile aroma compounds from the plants.

The essential oils can be highly beneficial for curing constipation as they boost the digestive efficiency and improve the overall health of the gut, (the gut plays a very important role in the digestion as it provides the necessary means for the breakdown of food and the absorption of nutrients).

The essential oils are not just for the aromatherapy but in addition to this, benefits the human body in both ways, externally and internally. Some of the properties of essential oils are:

  • Anti-inflammatory property: meaning that their action will reduce the inflammation caused by constipation and it will relieve the individual of the stress and pain.
  • Anti-spasmodic property: the spasms are prevented, and the muscle becomes relaxed due to this anti-spasmodic action of the essential oils.
  • Carminative property: this suggests that the formation of gas in the gastrointestinal tract will be prevented, or it will not be formed because of this property of the essential oils. Flatulence will be prevented.
  • Anti-bacterial property: harmful bacteria not aiding the digestion but causing constipation and harmful effects will be dealt with by the aid of essential oils.
  • Sedative property: constipation can also be the result of stress or lack of sleep, the disturbed sleep pattern. Hence, the sedative property of the essential oils will induce calmness in the individual that will eventually help them to acquire some peaceful sleep and their constipation will be cured.
  • Relaxant: like the sedative property, relaxation helps cure constipation and is a very beneficial effect of essential oils.

Point to ponder: the essential oils are highly concentrated hence taking them as it is will not be safe. It might lead to some hazards and cause some damages…
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