Best essential oils to protect your hair from damage

There are plenty of essential oils that are beneficial for your hair. You can treat dandruff, dry scalp problem, thicken and strengthen your hair and add a natural shine to your hair.

Massaging your hair with essential oils is a much safer and effective way of protecting your hair. They are also a more cost effective way as compared to spas and expensive hair care treatments.

To make it easier for you, we’ve listed the top 5 essential oils to protect your hair from any kind of damage.


Studies have proven that lavender oil has growth-promoting properties. The topical application of lavender essential oil will significantly increase the number of hair follicles on your mane and deepens the depth of your hair follicles.

It’ll add volume and thicken the thermal layer. The oil also has antimicrobial properties and combats fungal and bacterial condition and soothes the scalp.

Hibiscus Oil

This oil is extracted from hibiscus flowers which is enriched with antioxidants, Alpha-Hydroxy and Amino Acids and Vitamin C and A.

Use hibiscus oil for deep conditioning your hair or as a hair mask to boost hair growth, have a thicker mane, fight dandruff and reduce premature greying of your hair.


This oil is the most effective essential oil to achieve thick hair and boost growth. It works to push cellular metabolism which is responsible for hair growth. Research shows that rosemary oil is a supplement of minoxidil, which is a topical hair loss treatment.

All you need to do is take a few drops of the oil and mix it in equal parts of olive oil to massage it into your scalp for a quick 2 minutes. Let it sit on your hair for the next 4 hours and wash regularly.


This is another great essential oil which adds shine to your hair and make them silky soft. Just mix 5-6 drops of chamomile oil with ⅓ cup of baking soda and a tablespoon of sea salt, use warm water to form a paste and apply it directly on your scalp and hair.

Allow it to sit for approximately an hour before rinsing it off. For a bolder effect, you can sit in the sun with the paste on.


Cedarwood essential oil increases circulation to the scalp which helps to stimulate the hair follicles. It works on promoting hair growth and curbing hair loss problem. It can also work as a treatment to combat hair thinning and…
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