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Simple and easy everyday makeup routine

Believe it or not, your mornings don’t have to be stressful or unpleasant when getting ready. Women often speed up their makeup routine just to get to their job in time, or in order not to skip breakfast. However, you don’t have to sacrifice anything, but you can still look fabulous, just with the right makeup routine. If you want to look your best, save some time, and enjoy your morning coffee, this article will help you out with that!

7 Steps On How To Get The Perfect And Simple Everyday Makeup


Always clean your skin with your favorite cleanser and follow up with a hydrating cream. These two alone will guarantee you healthy, glowy and soft skin, right off the bat! While your cream sinks up into the skin, you can dress up or wash your teeth. After it sets, grab a tinted moisturizer instead of a foundation. This will even out your skin tone, will look like your natural skin, and won’t appear uneven even if you miss a spot or two on your face. Apply 5 dots onto your entire face, and blend the product in with your clean fingers if you are really rushing. If not, you can use either a sponge or a foundation brush.


Apply a medium coverage concealer to the points which demand the most coverage, such as your under eyes, pimples, or any redness around the face. Make sure that your concealer isn’t dry since it will only enhance your texture or imperfections. Stick to something that is radiant or moisturizing. Blend in with your fingers or the brush by making tapping and not rubbing motions.


Only set your oiliest parts with your pressed or loose powder, such as the T-zone or the nose. You can skip this step if your skin is too dry. Once you are done, take your favorite bronzer and sweep the color with a wide angled brush around your cheeks and your forehead. You should only stick with a bronzer since it will add some dimension and contrast to your face, and don’t reach for blushes or highlighters since they can be demanding to put on, blend in, or even to build up.


Playing it nude, neutral and natural is the way to go! Nude tones are the best option for any eye color…
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