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Fashion accessories to lift up your style quotient

Accessories are the key to completing any look. Without them, one would look plain and boring. Even if you go out for a casual lunch in your jeans, wearing a scarf or taking a stylish Biba handbag can totally change your look.

Accessories can even be used to downplay an outfit. For example, you have a flashy shirt which is too bold – wear a few simple accessories to tone down your look and you’re good to go!

Fashion choices not only determine how you look, but they showcase your personality as well. They can label you as sophisticated, classy, funky or whatever you would like to be seen as.

For those of you who don’t have a good fashion sense, you can always confer with experts. This article is also a guide to help you pick out the perfect accessories.

Watches: Keep pace with fashion trends

The irony about watches is that the inevitable use of smartphones in this generation has erased the need to buy watches for checking the time.

But even then, not only does everyone still wear a watch, people spend hundreds of dollars to buy fancy Rolex or Cartier watches.

Whether it’s an informal event or a formal one, you’ll notice everyone wearing a good watch on their wrist. Why is that so?

Watches have become more of a fashion accessory than being used for the original purpose they were made for – keeping track of time.

They come in so many different sizes, colours, styles, bands etc. A slim, stainless steel watch will improve your personality and look by making you seem like a sophisticated, knowledgeable person.

If you’re going for a more serious look, you can purchase a black leather watch for formal events.

Some watches even come with various bands, so for those who like to experiment and keep changing their look, you can buy one of those. This will add a more fun component to your look.

Scarves and jackets for extra oomph

A good scarf can never go wrong. Scarfs can be worm for different purposes: to add colour and style to your outfit, downplay your look, or simply be worn as an extra accessory.

A scarf goes with everything – power suits, skirts, casual tops, jumpsuits. Scarves that are colourful and eye-catching will take attention away from your top to the scarf, so they are best to wear with a simple outfit.

They can look very charismatic if worn the right way. However, a lot of people…
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