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How to have a happy family life

We all have some idealistic images of happy family life in our mind but does our family fit in that portrait? What exactly is happy family meant to us? Is this love or money that binds us together? Or is it about finding a real love, genuine respect, complete shelter and security? Let’s ponder on this subject today.

What Is The Meaning Of Happy Family?

Happy family means a family that has strong meaning and purpose of their life. They respect and love each other. They respect each other’s thoughts, feelings and decisions. It is like parents respect their children along with undying love for them and children respect and obey their parents with equal and matchless love.

Why Families Are Important?

Family relationship plays a key role in building one’s character. It impacts the bond deeply in positive or negative manner. It creates societies and cultures. It has different impacts on values and traditions, not only that but it also impacts social and business interactions of an individual. For children, background matters a lot in raising them. Their education, behavior, financial opportunities all depend on their family structure. Therefore, it is very important to have a strong family bonding.

How To Create a ‘Happy Family’?

Parents should start to be friendly with their children. Children should also open up to share everything with their parents. There should be a deep bonding between each member of the family. If one member of the family is going through tense or difficult situation, everyone should know about it in the house and they should all take care of him and should also struggle to get the member out of the situation.

Family Life Cycle

Family that passes together all the different stages of life, like from childhood to old age is called complete life cycle of any family. In each stage, all members face different challenges and difficulties in their life. And everyone has to face as per their ability and fate. Struggling with one another in going through each phase is challenging for everyone. This is where a strong family bonding takes place.

Types of Families

In recent century, we have different sorts of family structures:

  • Nuclear Family: Nuclear family is also known as traditional family which has both the parents and children facing all aspects of life together. Children belonging to such family structure usually have more opportunities in life to have financial ease and have more stability in their lives.
  • Single Parent Family: Nowadays, 1 out of 4 has a single parent family. Most of the time, it is mother with children as a single parent. However, in few cases fathers have also been seen, being the only one to care and provide for the kids. Children from such families have fewer opportunities to get stable in their lives.
  • Extended Family: Such families have more than 2 adults living together and taking care of children and/or financial issues. These are usually relatives who have common goals to look after the children and to raise them. Extended family structure is becoming common now in all over the world.
  • Childless Family: Such family has no children. They are usually considered as forgotten family as it doesn’t meet the traditional standards set by the so- called idealistic society.
  • Step Family: Such families have more complex issues. New parents live with children. Some new parents have their own children too. The two families have to live together that may have discipline and adjusting issues. Loving the new members is equally challenging and thus can erupt several behavioral and tantrum issues.
  • Grandparent Family: Such children have no parents while their grandparents try to raise them to their efficiency. Children from such family structure could be shattered, sensitive and shy.

How We Can Keep The Family Together?

Enjoy Each Other

The first happy family secret is to enjoy each other. Whatever comes in their life, they remain the part of each other’s moments. They make memories together, uplift each other, console each other but remain happy. The joy is the best part of their lives. They try to work together and enjoy each part of their lives and its phases. When the children come home, they consider it as their complete happy world. It remains the center of comfort for them forever.

Swap Stories

When kids come home they try to explain what happened when they were out from home. They always consider it very important to share the significant things happened to them. This is where the kid’s grooming take place. You should also share stories of your side or of your childhood.

Play Together

Happy family tries to spend most of their time together. Even they play together. Having bed time stories, reading chapters from novel or telling their life time story is the key for happiness and staying connected. You can play those games with the kids that include three or four people so even your little game could become an event they could cherish.

Having Meals Together

Gathering up three times a day for breakfast, lunch and dinner allows the family to sit together and to talk about different things. It’s a time to communicate and connect with each other.

Praying Together

Praying together is also important for making family union. Happy families pay a lot of attention towards it. They love to pray for their family and for their well being.


Communication is the key. It is the foundation of any relationship. All the members of the family should unite and communicate. They should have fun and should share about their past experiences.

Let Them Make Mistakes

Parents should allow their children to make mistakes and shouldn’t cover their own mistakes regarding them. This way they would start learning from their mistakes and from their parents’ too, instead from school or friends. This would help in creating strong bonding.

Respecting Boundaries

Parents should respect the boundaries and similarly children should respect those boundaries too. Parents should give their children some space. They should allow them to spend some time with their own selves. Letting them spend some time with their friends is also good to build trust but there should be clear boundaries that each and everyone should know, cannot be crossed.

Organizing Family Events

Birthday celebrations, vacation’s camping, weekend’s outing etc. would allow a family have reunions and would allow them to create a strong bond among the members. This will also help you create good and positive feelings in your children and they will cherish these memories and experiences forever.

Watch Movies Together

Watching movies, cartoons etc. together would allow a family a great good time together creating strong family bonding. You will have to pick the choices of the movie keeping in mind the members and their diverse tastes and that can be very challenging if you have a teenager at home  but likewise, it will connect you to his/her life and they will be most happy to share their passion with you.

Taking Vacation

Sometimes it is good to have vacation from work and to spend some time with family only. It allows opening new doors of communication and fun in a family.

Offer Help

Helping each other in completing homework and tasks of schools/university, or even job or helping of children in their parent’s tasks and chores like in gardening or washing dishes etc. could make strong family bonding.

Attending Each Other Events

Parents should attend children’s events at their schools or universities and similarly, children should attend parent’s event at their work places etc. This allows build confidence and strong relation among each other.

Some Important Rules Should Be Followed

  • Put The Marriage First: The marriage of a couple and parent’s relation should always come first. The more love, respect and kindness that children would see around them, they would be more loving and respectable to others.
  • Putting Family Before Friends: Family should always be the priority. Friends are important too but families should come first. Children should spend some time with their friends but if it is important to stay at home then friends should be avoided.
  • After-School Activities Should Be Limited: After school activities should be spent and conducted with family. It should be avoided to send children to friends’ home especially late at night. It is better to spend more time with the kids and to take them for swimming, bike riding etc. so they could have enough fun at home with their family too.
  • Keep Voice Down: It is important to keep your voice low and keep peaceful environment at home. It is good to watch out children and to keep control and an eye on them. But yelling is not allowed at all. This may create unpleasant environment and could disturb your children and their mental state.
  • Never Fight In Front Of The Kids: If there is something edgy to talk about, it should be low in tone and should be to make other understand the situation instead of making each other angry. This would create negative impact on children. They would also fight and wouldn’t be afraid of yelling on one another. However, if accidently something inappropriate happens in front of children, the parents should explain to their children that they had disagreement but everything is ok.
  • Don’t Work Too Much: Working too much will divert the concentration towards other things rather than family and its problems. It is important to give more time to family to keep a strong bond. Working too much could make life dull and boring. Working too much all the time could create the feelings of insecurity in the kids as well. They will begin to believe that they are not valued enough at home.
  • Encourage Sibling Harmony: It is important for the kids to tell them that they are spending precious time by living together and making fun. They should know that this is the best part of their lives. This may decrease the sibling rivalry. It shouldn’t be allowed in the house at all.
  • Give Occasional Gifts Or Surprise Events To Family Members: Presenting gifts, cards and surprises etc. create strong bond among family members. Surprising each other by presenting birthday cakes, gifts, inviting children’s friends etc. brings a lot of happiness, fun and love among each other. This should be done occasionally to give your children the feeling that they are much more important than they could ever imagine.

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