mandala tattoo design

Mandala tattoo

Gone are the days when mandala was a symbol representing a very small group of people. Mandala tattoo has now become one of the most popular tattoo designs in the world. First of all, a mandala is quite simple and beautiful with very many different meanings. This is one of the reasons that have made it very popular among people from all walks of life.

Another good thing about mandala tattoo is the ability to combine it with almost any other tattoo design. The mandala tattoo which is basically dominated by triangles and squires, it has a concentric structure design. Mandala actually translates to a circle in Sanskrit and that is the best way to describe the tattoo.

The Meaning of the Mandala Tattoo

All the visual elements that balance the design of mandala tattoo translates to harmony and unity and in fact, the main meaning of mandala in Hindu and Buddhism is a dream and it represents the dreamer’s search for self-unity and wholeness.

However, since mandala is actually versatile, it can also include other meanings as well. It is the most interesting part that the meaning of the tattoo is not limited by the creator or the observer’s views and thoughts. Nevertheless, the tattoo is used as a tool to symbolize your life journey. A mandala tattoo has a lot of uniqueness. It gives every individual a very different experience from another person. When you observe the same mandala tattoo, your experience and view will be very difficult for any other individual who views the same mandala tattoo design.

It is also known to absorb a person’s mind allowing them to be peaceful, mindful and calm. Isn’t that awesome? It does this because its main goal is to silence the chattering thoughts of a person and allow them to be more aware and observative. Mostly, people who get a mandala tattoo for awareness purposes are normally very deep.

Hindu basically teaches people to meditate and if you meditate on the symbol, it makes you very relaxed and gives you a resolution on clarity. It is very hard to get a person who is regretting after getting a mandala tattoo. This is because when they carry a tattoo in their skin, the resolution on clarity is even truer to them.

Designing a Mandala Tatto

Normally, mandala ink designs are usually designed from the center outwards. This is the reason they come out with a very beautiful appearance. Many people describe this appearance as floral since flowers are circular in nature. When you combine mandala with other symbols of feminity, it comes out to be very good.

Mandala originally is hugely brought from the Buddhist and Hindu cultures. It would be advisable to go for a…

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