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Pamper yourself with quality spa robes

A bathrobe is a necessary personal product besides being a luxurious item. In order to enjoy that extra touch of comfort, you need to know how to choose the best type of fabric.

The main two types of materials used in spa robes are Terry cloth and Waffle weave. These are best known for comfort and durability. Cotton robes are mostly used in bathrobes as they absorb water fast.

Remember that cotton comes in different grades namely low, medium and high grade. High-grade cotton is very comfortable on the skin and that explains why most spas will stock this kind of robe.

The different styles available include:

  • A shawl collar
  • Kimono robe
  • Hooded robes

Always look for a robe material that doesn’t cling on the skin since you might find yourself wearing a robe from morning to evening during one of those ‘lazy days’.

Personal preference comes into play when choosing a bathrobe. However, the right robe to buy will be made of high-quality fabric and thus be durable even when washed in a machine. You might also want a robe with pockets to put in small items such as the TV remote.

Men’s Waffle Robe

This is one of the stylish robes that you will likely use at the spa or resort. The front panels have two pockets and an outline color in the cuffs.

The waffle robe will come in various color combinations is black/white, charcoal/heather, white, navy, and grey/heather.

If part of your morning routine is to snuggle up in a robe after a shower, then you can count on luxurious spa robes to give you that extra comfort as you go about your daily routine.

Find a robe that is truly worth your investment. Waffle robe is a perfect choice if you are looking for something that can be used in place of a towel.

Fabric Varieties

There different types of fabrics available in the market differ in texture and weight. The most common materials are Egyptian cotton silk, Cotton waffle weave, Turkish cotton, and Fleece.

Your choice will depend on texture preference, seasons and absorption rate. A robe that is ideal for warm weather might not be good during chilly seasons…
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