self discovery

The importance of self discovery

Self discovery or self introspection in other words, is to know about ourselves. There is a time in everyone’s life when we really want to know about ourselves. Usually, it is the time when something goes wrong around us, some negative feelings emerge inside us or when we get lost in our track, face failures, get overwhelmed or get extremely exhausted. This is the time when depression tries to trap us and we fail to believe in our dreams or in the fact that they will ever come true or when the life is not moving the way we want it to.

At such a time, all we want to know is about our strengths and powers. When we really want to get out of depression and want to get back to our normal life. It is actually a time like this when we wish to overcome our Weaknesses and to pursue our Strengths; which means that we really want a CHANGE.

Usually in the beginning, we try to find a change in others or other things instead of ourselves. We want to change our surroundings, our jobs and our friends etc. that we think are leading us towards depression. In other words, we look for an escape. Escape from situations, escape from surroundings, escape from our sheer depression. But in reality, we try to escape from ourselves. We try to run away from FAILURES and this is where the idea of self discovery emerges and the journey begins.

First of all, we should realize that whatever comes in our lives, either good or bad, is from our GOD.

Usually, when God gives us blessings, we think we deserve them or we are entitled to them or this is because of our own good deeds, our own accomplishments or our own capabilities. However, we completely ignore that these are the favors from our God. We dismiss the idea that this is somehow a divine gift.

On the other hand, when something bad happens to us, we completely lose hope and get depress or sad. We start to blame God that why He did this to us. Why we have been pushed through this bad situation.

There are some people who just get used to winning in every part of their lives and when, even a little bit of it is taken away from them, they turn extremely disheartened. If we only begin to think that whatever happens in our life, good or bad, is from our God and it’s just a test to know that how we are going to react in every situation of our life that alone would make our lives easier. This concept is very deep but I have gathered it in the due course of my life…
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