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Have you ever felt awesome for receiving a freebie? Most likely you have. Well, you are not the only one and a lot of people love and appreciate free stuff even when they don’t intend to use them. The companies who generously give away freebies like the deal even more. This is because it is not a loss of money as it may seem to many.

One of the reasons why freebies are beneficial to a client is because there are high chances that when you are given a free sample you will end up purchasing that item later and maybe you will become a loyal customer in the future. The shock a client gets for receiving a free gift goes even deeper to the client in unconscious ways simply because the client ends up having an urge to repay this generosity in different ways. Check out these ways customers end up responding to the shock of receiving a freebie:

a) An obligation of purchasing even more

People think that a company would make losses when giving free stuff but that is never the case. When you receive your freebie, an urge inside you becomes very strong and you end up feeling more obligated to purchase that product even more so as to reciprocate the ‘favor’. This is something that occurs on people’s day to day lives even when you are not expected to return the favor. There are also customers who will buy a bigger product simply because they have been given a sample that they have liked and felt the urge of returning a good did with another.

b) Paying more later for a free gift

This is how it goes, people consider products to be of poor quality if they are availed to them with an inexpensive price tag but when it is attached as a freebie with an expensive product, then people tend to think that it is placed there because it is of high quality. This is one reason they will be more willing to buy at a higher cost on its own and they won’t feel conned. This is because the human mind ends up getting confused when a product is not assigned the price and the things we look up for clues are the products it is associated with. If it is given as a free sample when you purchase a luxurious commodity, then this is where you will place this freebie regardless of its quality.

c) The perception of getting more as superior to a discount

Human beings are very ignorant especially when it comes to maths and this is where the companies take advantage. The shoppers end up miscalculating the numbers and what follows is buying the products with emotional guidance. When people make such decisions, then the company giving these freebies benefits more…

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