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The ultimate guide to eating healthy

You’ve wanted to start eating healthier for a while. Maybe you want to lose weight, maybe you want to have more energy, or maybe you just want to feel better.

You understand the benefits of eating healthy, but with all the information out there, things can easily get complicated.

There’s talk of protein shakes, chia seeds, organic produce, supplements, aloe vera juice… where do you even start?

We know how you’re feeling and we’re here to help. In this Ultimate Guide: Eating Healthy, we’ll give you 10 simple, effective tips for eating healthy that will get you well on your way (no weird food and drink necessary).

Why eat healthy?

It’s kind of a no brainer. A poor diet containing large amounts of sugar, salt and fat can lead to serious diseases including obesity, diabetes, heart disease and even cancer.

Eating healthy can help to reduce the risk of disease and help you to have a better family life too. What’s not to like?

Our 10 tips for eating healthy

1. Eat less sugar. First, get informed. Start reading food labels so you learn how much sugar your food contains then cut down on your sugar intake.

You’ll be surprised how much sugar goes into everyday foods like pasta sauces and tins of baked beans. Make small changes first – switch from two sugars to one sugar in your morning coffee, and opt for low salt beans rather than the original version.

Be prepared for sugar cravings with substitutes such as fresh fruit, dried fruit or dates. Additional warning: stay away from ‘fat free’ yoghurts and similar products which claim to be a healthier version – they typically contain a lot of sugar, often more than the original.

2. Don’t skip breakfast. For some people who don’t feel hungry in the mornings, skipping breakfast works. But for the majority, skipping breakfast leads to more snacking and a high-in-fat and sugar lunch.

Eat a nutritious and filling breakfast to start your day off right – oatmeal or eggs is always a good bet.

3. Eat lots of colourful fruits and vegetables. At the heart of healthy eating you will find fruits and vegetables. With so much variety out there, you can experiment to see what you enjoy eating.

It’s true that people ‘eat with their eyes, not their mouth’ so use colour to make food look more exciting. You’ll be more likely to eat (and of course enjoy) your meal this way…
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