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Top 5 creative ideas to incorporate sports in your garden

The garden is probably your favorite place in the whole house where you can relax and unwind. Its purpose is exactly that: to facilitate your leisure time.

However, some people fancy being proactive during their breaks. This means taking up a sport and hitting the ball until all the stress accumulated during the past workweek is gone.

Sports are also social, so the next time you throw a barbecue party, you and your mates could have a game of football.

Is the backyard really suitable for a small sports pitch or is it mission impossible? Then again, which sport to pick, as possibilities are endless and football seems far too obvious?

If these questions are bothering you too, relax, because we have the answers to them. Here are 5 creative ideas which sports to introduce to your garden and how exactly to incorporate them.


Yes, throw and catch also counts as a sport and it can be ideal for your garden. It doesn’t require a formal pitch, nor a ball, just an ordinary Frisbee made out of plastic.

It can be purchased at any local supermarket for next to nothing. The thing is, you will need someone or something to play catch with.

If none of your friends or family members are up for some recreation, you can play with your dog. Or any dog for that matter, no canine will complain if you throw a Frisbee in their direction.

This is what makes the game fun, it is simple and without rules, which means that you can run around the garden until sundown.

Another great thing about it is that even small children can play, developing their eye-hand coordination in the process.


Basketball is a professional sport with many pro leagues with players who earn millions. However, your backyard basketball can be quite the opposite.

Put a board and a hoop above the entrance to your garage, nail it to a tree or build your own pole to support it. Use some leftover white paint to draw the borders of the court as seen on TV.

All you need now is that trademark orange-hued ball and you are ready to play. You can shoot some hoops alone after work or you can play with others, one-on-one, two-on-two etc.

Also, there are numerous other games you can play, such as a three-point shooting challenge, much like an NBA all-star weekend…
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