lip lift

What is a lip lift?

If eyes are considered to be the mirror of the soul and the nose is considered to reflect the character, then the mouth is definitely the reflection of sensuality. The lifting of the upper lip is also known as lip shortening of the upper lip. Having a longer upper lip may have influence on the appearance as they cover the upper teeth or create a smoker’s line which may represent an unpleasant older look.

Requirements for becoming a candidate

If you are having concerns about the appearance of the facial area surrounding the mouth than the lip lifting is the right treatment for you. There are a number of things that can make you a good candidate for lip lifting and it is best to consult with a doctor a few months before the surgery.

How to prepare for the procedure

This procedure usually involves only the usage of local anesthesia so this means it is not hard to get prepared for the surgery. A discussion with your doctor is the first step before the cosmetic surgery. You will mostly talk about your health, your habits, your lifestyle and about your expectations from the surgery. It is very important to indicate every health problem in the past in order to prevent any complications during the surgery. The most important thing is to be honest during this discussion because your cosmetic surgeon will evaluate your health status and prescribe the right anesthetic for the procedure.lip-lift-before-after-patient-186

In order to fulfill your expectations after the surgery and achieve best results, prepare to discuss about these topics:

  • Why do you want to have a surgery and what are your outcome expectations?
  • What is your current health condition, do you have any allergies to drugs?
  • What medical treatment did you have in the past?
  • Did you have any side effects from previous treatments?
  • Do you consume alcohol, tobacco or kind of drugs?

Previous procedures

You may also discuss about your previous treatments in more detail. The cosmetic surgeon will suggest all available solutions that can rejuvenate your look like a newest lip surgery. He will probably measure your face and show you the exact modification points. The doctor will take your medical record and make a copy of it so he can keep track of your progress. He will describe the lift lifting surgery in detail and recommend an adequate post-operative treatment.

The lip lifting procedure

There are several ways for performing lip lifting surgery and they often depend on the patient’s requests and expectations.

Lip lifting from a central point: This procedure is performed by shortening the upper lip and by enhancing the upper lip vermillion. This will make to lips look larger and enhance the volume of the upper lip. The incision will be made directly under the nose which make the incision unnoticeable.

Modifications on the corners of the mouth: The corners of the mouth may have a down-turned look which can be modified by a central lip lift procedure. This incision will be located on the sides the mouth which will be noticeable until it recovers. This is a good way to modify the way your mouth looks and to enhance some other parts of your mouth which will make your lips much more attractive.

What to expect after the surgery?

Every surgery requires some recovery time a few week of prescribed treatment and diet. Minimal bruises should be expected which often lasts less than a week. The results of the procedure will be permanent and long lasting but every patient should stick to the surgeon’s postoperative instructions for a few weeks. You can also expect some periodic examinations in order to ensure the results of the surgery.

The mouth, eyes and the nose are the three most important aesthetic units noticeable on first sight. We use our mouth to talk, to mimic, to smile and kiss and to show our beauty so if you really decided go through with the surgery make sure that it feels right and remember that it will require some patience and lifestyle changes.

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